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  • I am certain of nothing. Article for the magazine Revista Pausa. N.37 November 2015.

pdfNo tinc la certesa de res - Pausa 37

  • Writing Plays, A Political Issue. Lecture within the program Palabra de autor at the 2014 XXII Alicante Theatre Fair. 13 November 2014

pdfEscribir teatro, una cuestión política - Muestra Teatro de alicante

  • Master, friend. Article for the magazine Revista Pausa. N.35 August 2014.

pdfMestre amic - Pausa 35

  • Theatre Translation: Generosity, Complicity and Scenic Value. Lecture about theatre translation within the seminar Translation: Practices, Challenges, and Difficulties. Casa Velázquez. Madrid, 25 April 2014
  • The Hidden Area Backstage. Article for the monograph Homosexuality and Theatre. Revista Hamlet magazine. No. 23 (February 2012) pp. 63-67.

pdfRevista Hamlet - Monogràfic Homosexualitat i teatre

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