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The passage (2015)

A young girl dies in the arms of Sister Cecília, who find her among some bushes after having been brutally beaten. The incident will set off religious alarm bells with regard to the progress of a humanitarian project in the village in which she works, a zone devastated by violence and the many needs of children and refugees. The event will be appoint of departure for an intense emotional voyage with regard to faith and ethical principles.

Shady (2014)

Upon arriving home, Roger and Júlia find that someone has entered their home. Nothing has actually been taken, but, instead, they find that someone has been lying in their bed and has moved their six-year-old daughter’s toys from one place to another. In addition, the television is on, showing one of the baby girl’s ultrasound images in DVD. The couple, concerned and worried, ask themselves who might have done it and why. After the incident, Roger and Júlia go on to discover facets of each other of which they were previously unaware.

The collaborator (2014)

Brief piece within the work of collective creation Mensonges, coordinated by Véronique Bellegarde and Frédéric Sonntag, with the participation of playwrights Davide Carnevali (Italy), Nicoleta Esinencu (Moldavia), Christian Lollike (Denmark), Yannis Mavritsakis (Greece), Josep Maria Miró (Catalonia), and Frédéric Sonntag (France) about the concept of lying.

Tilling the Soil (2014)

Lluís and Raül have survived, in a very brief period of time, many changes at work. They are now left alone to run the cultural center in the small town where they have lived their entire life. The new situation is not easy. The arrival of Miquel, a newcomer in town who collaborates selflessly with this center, will reveal the fragility of friendships and relationships at work.

Smoke (2012)

Two couples meet in the hotel of a developing country, where they are confined for three days due to an outbreak of violence in the area, a situation that has necessitated an escalation of security measures and the temporary closure of the international airport. The older couple, a former diplomat and his wife, has been living comfortably in the area for years. The young couple is there to adopt a baby girl. The encounter exposes the delicate balance of their existence and leads them into a spiral of lies and betrayals.

Nerium Park (2012)

Gerard and Marta have moved to Nerium Park, a residential development on the outskirts of a large city. Months go by, and, because of the economic crisis, no new neighbors arrive. It is as though they live in a ghost town. The play, a thriller, develops over the course of twelve scenes, each corresponding to a specific month of the year. The title is derived from the oleander plant (from the Latin nerium oleander), an ornamental and toxic shrub very common to the residential development and surrounding area.

Archimedes’ Principle (2011)

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The coach of a children’s swimming group hugs and kisses one of the boys, who is crying during a swimming lesson because he is afraid of the water and does not want to take off his back float. The gesture engenders complaints from some of the parents and spawns a spiral of mistrust that will bring about all kinds of suspicions, prejudices, and fears.

Gang Bang, Open Until the Angelus (2010/ 2011)

The night before the Pope’s visit to Barcelona, La Llum, a men’s club where people have sexual encounters, is so busy that it can’t handle the influx. Catholic pilgrims and regular customers cross paths there: one, who, for years, has been the first to arrive and the last to leave; a catechist high on GHB (liquid ecstasy); and a young man who has just turned 18 and who, to celebrate his birthday and its coincidence with the visit of the head of the Vatican, is offering his body to anyone who wishes to possess it... At the peak of the orgy, a desperate man appears there with the intention of retrieving his son.

The Woman Who Missed all her Flights (2009)


A few hours before catching a flight that will take her back to her country, Sara is sitting on the porch of an old colonial house in the capital city of a tropical island, where she has been sent by her company. Sara is a professional tourist who lives from hotel to hotel and from restaurant to restaurant, writing reports for tourists and insurance companies in the first world. Sara has suddenly lost her vision after finding some objects that belonged to her husband, who died on the island under strange circumstances. A man and a woman, both native to the island, approach her with disturbing and inopportune intentions.

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