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Tilling the Soil (2014)

Lluís and Raül have survived, in a very brief period of time, many changes at work. They are now left alone to run the cultural center in the small town where they have lived their entire life. The new situation is not easy. The arrival of Miquel, a newcomer in town who collaborates selflessly with this center, will reveal the fragility of friendships and relationships at work.

Premiered 26 June 2014 at the Sala Joan Brossa of La Seca (Barcelona), directed by Josep M. Miró. Produced by La padrina company. Cast: Ricard Farré, David Marcé / Oriol Casals, and Arnau Puig.

Tilling the Soil is one of five texts from Spain selected for the 2014 Teatro Autor Exprés series. Published in the collection Teatro Autor Exprés of the SGAE.

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