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Nerium Park (2012)

Gerard and Marta have moved to Nerium Park, a residential development on the outskirts of a large city. Months go by, and, because of the economic crisis, no new neighbors arrive. It is as though they live in a ghost town. The play, a thriller, develops over the course of twelve scenes, each corresponding to a specific month of the year. The title is derived from the oleander plant (from the Latin nerium oleander), an ornamental and toxic shrub very common to the residential development and surrounding area.

Premiered 18 October 2013 at the Sala La Planeta, Girona, as part of the Temporada Alta Festival / 17 July 2014 at the Sala Pina Bausch, as part of the Grec Festival of Barcelona, directed by Josep M. Miró. Cast: Roger Casamajor and Alba Pujol.

2013 Jaume Vidal i Alcover Ciutat de Manacor Award and 2013 VII Quim Masó Award.

Published by Món de Llibres. Prologue by Fabrice Corrons.

Nerium Park 011

Nerium Park 010

  • Internationals productions

Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Premiered May 2016 at Timbre4, directed by Corina Fiorillo and translated by Eva Vallines. Cast: Claudio Tolcachir and Paula Rasenberg.

Athens (Greece)

Premiered February 2016, directed by Stavros Stagos and translated by “Els de Paros”.

Nicosia (Cyprus)

Premiered 17 April 2015 at the Theatre Dionysos in Nicosia, directed by Leandroy Implodes and translated by Els de Paros. Cast: Μαρίνα Αργυρίδου and Γιώργος Αναγιωτός.


Cartell Nerium Park Teatre Dionysos Nicòsia (Xipre)

Nerium Park Teatre Dionysos Nicòsia (Xipre) 01


  • Press

  • Stage readings

Staged reading 8 July 2015 at Théätre des Halles, as part of the Avignon Festival (France), directed by Veronique Bellegarde.

Staged reading 2 March 2015 at the Instituto Cervantes in Athens (Greece). Organized by Teatro Pasión and the Instituto Cervantes. Directed by Tasos Iordanidis. Cast: Tasos Iordanidis and Thalia Matica.

  • Traslations

  • Nerium Park Spanish translation by Eva Vallines.
  • Nerium Park French translation by Laurent Gallardo.
  • Nerium Park Greek translation by “Els de Paros” (María Chatziemmanouil, Yiannis Mantas and Dimitris Psarras).
  • Nerium Park English translation by Sharon G. Feldman.

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