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The Woman Who Missed all her Flights (2009)


A few hours before catching a flight that will take her back to her country, Sara is sitting on the porch of an old colonial house in the capital city of a tropical island, where she has been sent by her company. Sara is a professional tourist who lives from hotel to hotel and from restaurant to restaurant, writing reports for tourists and insurance companies in the first world. Sara has suddenly lost her vision after finding some objects that belonged to her husband, who died on the island under strange circumstances. A man and a woman, both native to the island, approach her with disturbing and inopportune intentions.

La dona que perdia tots els avions2

2009 XXXIV Born Prize.

Premiered 15 January 2015 at the Sala Tallers of the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, directed by Josep Maria Miró. Cast: Francesc Garrido, Lina Lambert and Mercè Mariné.

Published by Arola Editors (prologue by Eduard Molner), Primer Acto magazine (Spanish translation by Carlos Be), Revista Galega de Teatro magazine (Galician translation by Afonso Becerra) and Artezblai (Basque translation by Iñaki Ziarrusta).

La dona que perdia tots els avions f01

La dona que perdia tots els avions 005

La dona que perdia tots els avions 009

Stage reading in the Catalan authors programme at the Théâtre Ouvert in Paris, December 2011.

  • Translations

  • La mujer que perdía todos los aviones Spanish translation by Carlos Be.
  • Le Femme qui ratait tous ses avions French translation by Laurent Gallardo.
  • The woman who missed all her flights English translation by Dustin Langnan.
  • Die Frau, die sämtliche Flüge verpasste German translation by Ursula Bachhausen.
  • Hegazkin guztiak galtzen zituen emakumea Basque translation by Iñaki Ziarrusta.
  • A muller que perdía todos os avions Galician translation by Afonso Becerra de Becerreá.

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