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Josep Maria Miró has directed his own texts: Tilling the Soil, Nerium Park, Smoke, ArchimedesPrinciple, Gang Bang, and The woman who missed all her flights, among others and has been assistant director to Xavier Albertí (in a dozen productions between 2005 and 2008), Xavier Pujolràs and the choreographer Germana Civera. 

  • Franklin street

Franklin Street by Lluïsa Cunillé. Premiere 2 July 2015 at the Sala Petita of the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya as part of the 2015 Grec Festival. Cast: Xavier Albertí, Xavier Pujolràs, Lina Lambert, Oriol Genís, and Montse Esteve.

El carrer Franklin Programa de mà cartell


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Carrer Franklin tnc 004

Carrer Franklin tnc 005

Carrer Franklin tnc 009


  • La voix humaine

La voix humaine with text by Jean Cocteau and music by Francis Poulenc (Piano: Emili Brugalla. Singer/Actress: Uma Ysamat). Premiered in June 2010 at the Teatre Brossa in Barcelona. Revival on 13 March 2015 at the Teatre Akademia in Barcelona.

La voix humaine Cartell



Together with playwright/director Marc Artigau he has co-directed the performances within the program Liturgical Dramas at Santa Maria de l’Estany Monastery on three occasions: M3 (2010), Eva and Adam: The Last Genesis (2009), and Liturgy E/XXI (2008).

Cartell drama litúrgic E XXI

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